Tag: April/May 2020

Eat Out, Eat Healthy

A health and nutrition coach’s tips for what to order to pack nutrients into your day at restaurants you pass by daily.

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The Closer

VHHS runner Ethan Strand knows just what to do to finish first, and it’s earning him state titles and national rankings.

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Meet the VHHS We the People Team

Talk to VHHS seniors on the We the People team about the Supreme Court cases they are studying, and you’ll question if you are talking to high school students or law school students

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The Gifts of Grace

Grace Davis was born with an extra chromosome, but from cheering to college admissions, she doesn’t give up on what she sets her mind on.

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This Magic Moment

Adults with dementia don’t have to explain themselves when they are with their friends in the community at CARES.

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