What are this retired Vestavia Hills Elementary West counselor’s favorite parts of her city?

Memories of Yesteryear

Highway 31 Staples

A real treat was to get an icee at Mackey’s and to walk down to Sears to buy bridge mix (candy). We went to Britling Cafeteria on Thursday night and always found something to buy at Parisian and Yielding’s at Vestavia Mall. There was a Woolworths (five and dime) and Western Supermarket where Pet Smart now is. Just like now you would see someone from PTA or church or tennis…always a familiar face. 

Date Night

The Vestavia Temple

My first memory of Vestavia Hills is of driving up the mountain in a red MG convertible at dusk with my date to have dinner at Vestavia Temple. I don’t remember my date’s name. I do remember how pretty I thought it all was, and to this day, I take such pride every time I come up or down that mountain. How fortunate we are that the members of the Vestavia Garden Club were willing to effect the moving of the Temple of Sybil to its signature present location.

All in the Family

Three Generations of Conyers

Our family has had the incredible good luck of all being together in this fine city. Our two daughters and five grandsons have all enjoyed the good fortune of being able to call Vestavia Hills home.

Ties That Bind

The Episcopal Church of the Ascension

Many of our closest friends were made through our membership at The Episcopal Church of the Ascension on Canyon Road. We had barbeques, art shows and Merry Players, all money raisers for a small church  where you worshipped and yet had great fun.

From the Beginning

Vestavia Hills Elementary West

I was so fortunate to finish my master’s about the time VHEW opened its doors in 1977 and became the first counselor. I worked as counselor there for about 24 years. A lot of memories are made in 24 years: the police taking me home because the roads were closed with snow and ice, the sweet little boy who saw me after school in my neighborhood and said, “Mama, Mama, there is Mrs. Conyers, she goes to my school!”  West was and is a wonderful school with dedicated teachers, engaged parents and great students.