Katie Cornutt is a working mom of three: Lennon, 14, Caroline, 11 and Lyla, 5. Despite juggling soccer meets, dance practices, different school schedules and more as a single mom, she is investing in her talents and opening up a new bakery named, rolls. Katie began baking with her family at a young age and has since capitalized on her potential; thus, bringing delicious, home-made tastes to our community. Here, she offers an insight on her new business’ founding. 

What inspired you to create rolls.? 

I’m a single parent, so a lot of my life revolves around my children. They are my first priority. When Lyla was born, she was born with a heart defect. I quit my job doing real estate at the time to focus on her health and wellbeing. That came with a lot of down time. I started baking on the side and started making cinnamon rolls. It’s my grandmother’s recipe–the original cinnamon roll recipe. My son, Lennon, loves them. I made so many that I would share them with my neighbors. I started posting on Instagram. Low and behold, the Instagram page took off, and we grew enough for me to start hiring some employees.  

Why did you choose Vestavia Hills as the best place to grow your business? 

The shop in Homewood was on Crescent Avenue and opened in March of 2021. We were there for a little over a year. In 2022, I made the decision to transfer to a production facility downtown. By the time the year was over with that, I was dying to get into a storefront again. I missed the customer interaction, the environment of having people come in and out. I wanted to combine my wholesale and my retail in one space. [The Vestavia Hills location] is really the perfect space and has the opportunity for growth.  

How has your menu evolved over time? 

Everything [on the menu] is really something I dream up at 3 a.m., or it is something that somebody has suggested. I’ve taken the suggestions from my family and friends and loyal customers and that is how our menu has evolved. If somebody suggests something and I keep it, then we name it after that person. It all has ties to people and how they’ve made a difference to me.  

Which menu items do you recommend newcomers try first and what is your favorite you think they should try? 

Customers definitely need to try the cinnamon roll. My personal favorite is the ham, swiss and provolone. It is really good. Most people’s favorite is the conecuh sausage with cheddar cheese and barbecue sauce. Another one that we just launched this spring is the blueberry lemon glaze.. It’s a lemon glaze, and it’s got real blueberries in it. We’ll feature a different flavor of the week.  

Do you cater, and if so, what are your favorite types of events to cater? 

We love to cater. Catering has become one of my favorite things because it has become such a creative outlet. We customize so much, so weddings are a lot of fun. We do a lot of groom’s cakes and really enjoy what we do. 

rolls. is set to open in June 2023 at 621 Montgomery Highway. For more information on rolls.’ grand opening, menus, catering and more, visit linktr.ee/rolls.bakery and follow rolls. on Instagram @rollsbakery _.