May 19, 2018

The Dress: Frankie LaPorte, an incredible seamstress and costume/dress designer and friend of the bride, created the wedding dress.

Alexis’ Favorite Moment: My favorite moment was holding hands with my mom as she walked me down the aisle. My dad had passed away four months before our wedding, so the planning process was bittersweet. I worried about holding it together on the big day, but as soon as I stepped out into the yard, saw our friends and family smiling in the sunlight, and heard David Bowie’s “Life on Mars,” I was able to relax and enjoy the moment.

Will’s Favorite Moment: My favorite moment was about half way into the reception.  I remember moving back off quietly by myself for just a few minutes to take in everything. All of our friends and family were having a great time, the dance floor was going strong, and everywhere people from different parts of our lives were laughing and celebrating together. That, and the food was incredible.

Favorite Details: We wanted to have a whimsical backyard celebration with our favorite people. Our family had been through a lot of loss over the past year, and we wanted our wedding to be an expression of gratitude to our friends and family for giving us so much love and support. We also wanted it to feel like a party from beginning to end. We couldn’t pick a color, so we decided to use the whole rainbow. We had bubble machines, rainbow bouquets and lawn games. Our friends from Seasick Records Club spun records, and we gave away rainbow wildflower seed bombs as favors.

What We Are Doing Now:  We have been enjoying our beautiful backyard, which is now extra special because of our wedding day.

The Vendors

  • Venue: Home of the Couple in Cahaba Heights
  • Wedding Planner: Jared Heaton
  • Florist: Corey Daniel Florals
  • Caterer: Shindings Catering, Doodles Sorbets and Ices
  • Cakes: Baking Bandits
  • Invitations: Cory Anchors
  • Wedding Dress: Frankie B. Design
  • Hair: Diana Baker, Fringe
  • Makeup: Chatham Hellmers
  • Groom/Groomsmen Attire: Belk
  • Music: Seasick Records/Mom’s Basement
  • Parking Shuttle: Rare Transportation
  • Tent and Chair Rental: Event Rentals Unlimited
  • Landscape Design: Ground FX