People come to On Tap Sports Café for beer. They come to watch sports. They come to eat a burger or wings. And soon they can do so in Liberty Park when the sports bar’s newest location opens in The Bray development in late spring or early summer of this year. If you’ve been to one of their locations at the Galleria, Inverness or Fultondale (or the one that’s no longer open in Lakeview), you know the concept, but you might not know they are all locally and run by the Beegle family: parents Elaine and Craig and their son, Todd, who gave us the scoop on what to anticipate at their new two-story location right near the new Publix.

Why did you choose Liberty Park?

It’s a growing area, and this location will have restaurants and housing around it. We want to be a neighborhood bar where people will go if they don’t want to go downtown.

What will we find on tap?

We have 100 beers on tap at the Galleria and 72 at our other locations, and we’ll probably have 100 at Liberty Park. We have 10-20 bottles of beer, and we’ll have more wine at the Liberty Park location. We have a full liquor bar and close to 40 bourbons. You can’t get this many kinds of alcohol except at a package store. There’s always something for people to try. You can try a sample to see if you like it too.

What food should we order with our beer?

Our wings are popular. We bread our own wings and do good boneless wings. Everyone loves our burgers. Our Crack Burger is awesome, it’s got bacon, special seasonings, Swiss cheese and a secret sauce. We have sandwiches and salads too. We have comfort fare—that’s what’s what people want. We also have a ravioli bite with four cheeses fried together; it’s like a mozzarella stick.

What will the new location be like?

It will be two stories with a bar upstairs and downstairs, and an outdoor patio upstairs and downstairs. We’ll have an event room and several other rooms you can rent out for watch parties. We’ll have a really big courtyard that will probably be a beer garden. It’s a combination of the things we know we like from our other locations.

What beers would you recommend trying?

We have a ton of local stuff. Most of the breweries are downtown, but here you can get most of the good stuff without having to go down to Good People or Avondale or Trim Tab or Ghost Train. We have some rare ones too, like right now we are doing the Gordo, which is Good People’s rare beer that’s like a barley wine that ages. I have been saving it for four years, and we’ll start doing that every year. I have a four year, a three year, a two year and a one year. I like people to try something new and find something they like. This year sours are in, last year ciders were in, IPAs are always in.