1. Eating Local

The Ridge

I love supporting The Ridge because they are so generous to our community! They donate to my family’s annual golf tournament, The Paul Meyers Memorial Golf Tournament, every year, and they play in it too. All the staff is super friendly, and I love the shrimp and grits. My daughter is obsessed with the small singing Hank Williams Jr. doll they have!

2. Remember When

Mrs. Pharo’s Third-Grade Plays

Legendary West kindergarten teacher Mrs. Pharo’s classroom was like an enchanted wonderland. Each year she would put on a play of a Disney production and cast third graders for all the roles. Her kindergarten class always played smaller, chorus parts in the shows too. They had full sets with furniture, painted backdrops and props, and all the costumes were amazing! I really don’t know how she did it! I played Snow White when I was in third grade, and it was truly an honor.

3. Décor Inspiration

Kathy Harris Interiors

This is the cutest interiors shop tucked away in Cahaba Heights. It’s elegant and quaint, and it has amazing Christmas decorations! It’s a great place to pop in for decor inspiration or a special gift.

4. Bakery Decadence

Almond Cake at Cafe Iz

This cake is everything. It’s reminiscent of classic wedding cake and is absolutely beautiful. It’s the perfect cake for all celebrations—birthday, shower, even Christmas!

5. The Scenic Route

Vestavia Drive

I just love everything about this classic street. If we are having an early morning at our house, I’ll put my 3 year old in the car, grab a coffee and cruise down the street looking at the gorgeous view and beautiful homes.