From winning wonderful writer awards in school to being captivated by stories from a young age, Holly Parker has loved words since before she can remember. She currently works at the Vestavia Hills Library in the Forest in the Adult Services Department, where she does fun things like programming, creative projects and book groups. Her favorite genres include inspirational stories, historical fiction and cozy suspense novels. Here are a few favorites that she just couldn’t put down!

“All Creatures Great and Small”

By James Herriot | Biography/Memoir

Heartwarming and humorous, “All Creatures Great and Small” details the life and adventures of a young veterinarian in rural Yorkshire. Author James Herriot’s natural gift of storytelling shines through his memoirs as readers delightfully follow along with his everyday ups and downs as a country vet. Those who love feel-good stories will love this collection of true animal stories.

“Wonderland Creek”

By Lynn Austin | Fiction/Inspirational

Alice Grace Ripley is a librarian living in the Great Depression who often prefers the fictitious characters in novels to real life. When she finds herself suddenly without a job, she embarks on a journey to Kentucky that ends up offering her a chance to live out a real-life adventure instead of just reading about one. Murderous feuds, mule-pack librarians and a cast of characters unlike any other, readers will be drawn into the mystery, suspense and wild west feel of this book from the first page.


By Dani Pettrey | Fiction/Suspense

“Submerged” is the first book of the “Alaskan Courage” series, which follows five siblings and their adventures in Yancey, Alaska. Filled with romance, suspense and rugged Alaskan wilderness, these books do not disappoint when it comes to adventure and mystery! “Submerged” focuses on Cole Mckenna and Bailey Craig as their lives intertwine due to a sabotaged plane. Fighting old feelings and racing against time, Cole and Bailey must deal with the past in order to solve their present riddle. This is great for fans of cozy mysteries, as well as those who love a mix of history, outdoors and romance!

“Surviving Savannah”

By Patti Callahan | Historical Fiction

“Surviving Savannah” is a page-turning voyage based on the true story of the sinking of the Pulaski, which is also known as the “Titanic of the South.” Patti Callahan effortlessly weaves the tragic story of this luxury steamship’s destiny with doom through the eyes of three different women. Two are passengers aboard the ship when it sinks, while the third is a woman curating a museum collection about the Pulaski years later. This story offers readers a glimpse of hope against all odds, survival and reminds them of the important things in life. History lovers will not be able to put this book down, while readers who appreciate fiction will admire the fantastic storytelling aspect.

“Cast the First Stone: A Time Travel Thriller”

By David James Warren | Time Travel Fiction/ Suspense Thriller

Rembrandt Stone walked away from a police detective career with one case that still haunts him. When an old friend dies and leaves him a box of unfinished cases and a mysterious watch, Rembrandt discovers he has been given the gift to go back in time and solve cold cases. The only catch is that every time he makes a change in the past, it results in a change in his present. Rembrandt must decide what’s more important—solving the cases he never could or holding on to the life he has now.