Tag: August/September 2017

5 Restaurants the Whole Family Can Agree On

When you’re juggling gymnastics, guitar lessons and debate practice, the last thing you want is a stressful restaurant experience. Check out our picks for eateries that make family meals fun and easy, complete with reasonable prices, kid-friendly staff and even great patios. 

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Dream Home: All About the Accents

Kelli Threadcraft knew she wanted an English cottage look, outdoor sitting areas, and a large open family room and kitchen with a clean, modern look. Here’s how her creative vision started to come into being.

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The Colors and Textures of Kendall Boggs

Light streams in through the windows of Kendall Boggs’ studio, casting a warm glow on the paintings that line the walls, a coffee maker on a small table and a few empty canvases waiting to spring to life with Kendall’s singular gift.

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