By Anna Grace Moore 

Photos by Amanda Dyer Photography & Anna Grace Moore 

Built in 1996 by Ed Daily, this magnificently preserved home in Magnolia Ridge rests on 4,435 square-feet, including four bedrooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms and thanks to its current occupants Aimee and Heith Comer, a connected lot on the back of the property that will one day house a putting green.

Aimee and Heith purchased the home in March 2020 during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, unsure of if they would even be able to purchase furniture or have movers to help them move into their home. Yet, during all of the unknown, one truth remained steadfast to the Comers: the architectural bones of the house would stay well maintained.

Aimee met Leigh Misso of River Brook Design and Construction back when Leigh was in college and interning at Robins and Morton. Years later, Aimee knew there was only one choice as to who she wanted to renovate their residential beauty.

The Comers have actually only painted the majority of the first floor and one bedroom on the second floor. All other design choices have been the brainchild of Aimee and Leigh’s harmonious relationship.

“Leigh was the only call we made to discuss options for our kitchen,” Aimee says. “Leigh pushed us to think outside the box about our design. She was able to maximize storage while keeping a clean look and feel in the space. I love the lighting in our kitchen, and everyone who comes over makes comments about it.”

While Leigh and Aimee took more of a modernized approach to the kitchen, they both utilized Aimee and Heith’s plethora of antique rarities and mixed them with modern elements to create what Aimee calls their “modern-traditional style.” Aimee says she relies on a neutral color palette with pops of red, navy and deep green, pulling hues out of each room’s carpets as a basis for the rest of the room’s decor.

Aimee also credits her cousin, Kelly Morris, who is an interior designer, and Heith for their unique eye for design. She says she didn’t even see which furniture Kelly and Heith picked out for the den before purchasing it.

Balancing so many “what-if’s,” their careers and being parents, Aimee and Heith have learned to juggle responsibilities quite well. As one strolls through their house, she will come to realize another aspect the Comers balance well is the line between vintage and modern decor to create the perfect preservation of residential beauty.

Face of the Home


Aimee and Heith opted for a white color palette with pops of gold for a modern look.

Light and Bright

Kitchen Details

Aimee wanted to maximize their counter space, so Leigh incorporated a 12-foot island and extra storage space. She even made sure to include the Wolf-Range appliances that Heith wanted, too.

Kitchen Cabinets

Aimee and Heith both credit Brandino Brass in Homewood for helping them select the perfect hardware for their kitchen renovation.

Maximizing Counter Space

Furry Friends

The Comers have two dogs, River, a toy Australian Shepherd; and Yampa, a miniature Australian Shepherd.


Adjacent to the kitchen is the perfect sitting area–the site of many family game nights. The end table on the far right predates the 1900s and is a family heirloom from Aimee’s side of the family.

Dining Room

This mahogany dining room table is from Aimee’s Aunt Nancy. The chairs Aimee sourced from an antique store in Montgomery.

Living Room

The emerald green sofa and white swivel chairs are from At Home, but most of the antiques are all family heirlooms, including the manger scene adorning the window. This beautiful golden-brass scene was a gift from Aimee’s mother-in-law and stays up all year.

The Parlor

Affectionately known as “River’s Room,” this parlor adjacent to the front door features two hanging abstract paintings, compliments of Shannon Harris. River is the only one of the family who sits on the parlor room’s couch, giving the room its name.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom’s silk dust ruffle and curtains were all custom-made to match the interiors of the room’s decor. Kelly sourced the bed’s spread, pillows and several artifacts to create more of a vintage allure about the room as well.