October 5, 2019

Favorite Moment: It had not rained in Alabama for six weeks, and the radar looked clear, so, as it started to fall, I (Anna Gray) just knew it must have been meant to be. A sort of cleansing, leading us into our new life. This divine moment paired with the realization that all of our guests stayed, in the pouring rain, to see us become husband and wife is a great picture of love. After the ceremony though, one of Daniel’s first acts as my husband was to deliver the news that our reception would have to be moved inside. I naively thought, since the rain stopped, we could still be outside on the golf patio as we’d been picturing for months. Daniel knew this wasn’t my ideal scenario, and the way he delivered the news, with all his usual sweetness, was the perfect picture of marriage. Things in our life won’t always go as planned, but with him by my side, even the unexpected can be redeemed, and beautiful in its own way.

Favorite Details: The girls got ready at my grandmother’s house, where I had been living for the last three years, and where Daniel picked me up for our second date. The boys got ready at Daniel’s parents’ house, which is the center of so many memories for us. Our best friends performed our ceremony, one of Daniel’s childhood friends played the music, while another helped build the arbor we were married under. Our photographer was in my sorority, and our hair and make-up was done by the same girl who did my hair in college, and who listened to our love story evolve. There was something about these places and people that made the event feel more intimate to us. It created a gathering rather than an event.

  • Venue: Vestavia Country Club
  • Florist: Susan Reynolds and Wild Honey Flower Truck
  • Cakes: Dreamcakes
  • Invitations: Madison Lee
  • Wedding Dress: White Dresses
    Bridesmaid Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids
  • Hair & Makeup: Emily Summerville
  • Groom/Groomsmen Attire: JoS. A. Bank
  • Music: Heart to Heart